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The Story behind the Carmen Sarape Bag.

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I'm sure we agree on this one, the Carmen Sarape Bag is oficially our favorite bag and it has a long road before it arrives to your home. 📦😉
Recently we made a trip a to little town near Jalisco to visit Luis, a friend and also craftsman of the multicolor handwoven textiles.
Keep reading, because this is going to be an interesting journey...
The life of this product begins when we create the color palettes and design on our Studio in Sayulita, then we travel around 3 and a half hours to Jalisco and meet with Luis where he prepares the loom with the different colors of yarn and acrylic and start the weaving process.
The production of this textile will vary based on the techniques the colors, motifs and the amount of fabric needed, for us would be big enough to create a our big bag, all handwoven of course. 😜


This fabric would be known for being part of the men clothing to protect them from rain or low temperatures, now you can use it as a blanket, rug or keep wearing it.

With this design we are trying to preserve a dissapearing antique mexican craft at the same time we share it with you and all over the world.

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